For us, the Black Diamond of the kitchen, the Black Truffle, is our specialty. So when we chose the location of our land, we took into account the climate and the situation. Research has been and always will be our day to day, because we are not satisfied and because we want to bring to your dish the best Black Truffle in the world.

Stay and we will tell you where the best Black Truffles grow.

The characteristics of the environment in which the Black Truffle is produced are intimately related to the climate, the location and the treatment to which they are subjected, since they directly affect their quality, aroma and flavour.

The best Black Truffle needs the best terrain.

In the case of Singular Truffle, the location of our land is a privilege. We are based in Sarrión. It is a small town whose population is dedicated almost entirely to the production of Black Truffle. This is due to the fact that the Truffle obtained in this area is known for its great quality, aroma and flavour. This fact can be explained by several characteristics, among which are found:

    • Climate: the Black Truffle is a fungus that needs specific climatic conditions for it to develop. The ideal is a warm spring, a little humid, dry summers with some storm but no frost at any time.

    • The situation: the altitude necessary for the truffle to be produced is 600-1500 metres above sea level.
      Therefore Sarrión, which is located in Teruel, next to the Sierra de Javalambre, in an area of limestone soil and at an altitude of 991 metres above sea level, is in a privileged location so that the appearance of black truffle occurs naturally, and this altitude provides a very powerful aroma and flavour.

    • The Turbatruf substrate: to enhance the main indicators of a quality black truffle in Rozalen Truffles use the Turbatruf substrate. This substrate contains active biological agents that are naturally found in the soil which helps to eliminate diseases by stimulating healthy growth. In addition, it is free of pathogens and weed seeds.

“At Singular Truffle we strive to continue bringing the best Black Truffle to everyone. We believe that investment in R&D is vital to continue growing and improving. Only by working with the best technology and the best products, you get the best results.

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