SINGULAR TRUFFLE is a family business specialized in the production and distribution of the Black Truffle “Tuber Melanosporum”. It is located in the town of Sarrión, about 40 km from the city of Teruel.

SINGULAR TRUFFLE was born from the hand of Luis Rozalén, son of José Rozalén. Nurseryman and pioneer in the mycorrhization of seedlings with Black Truffle, is one of the first nurseries registered in the Official Register of Nurseries of the D.G.A. (Diputación General de Aragón) in terms of mycorrhized plant. Its truffle seedlings are controlled by the D.G.A., thus certifying the quality of its mycorrhized seedlings of Black Truffle “Tuber Melanosporum”. 

Their extensive experience in the sector has shown them that the best production is obtained from the planting of native species of the area and the natural environment that characterizes it. For their optimal growth and development they need specific conditions that are ideally located in this area of natural development.

Luis Rozalén, has followed the legacy of his father, with a more modern vision and adapted to new times, but with the values and respect for the land that has seen him born, grow and live. The Rozalén family has created several lines of business focused on the Truffle sector. They are nurserymen, producers, distributors and have created their own substrate that guarantees the production of truffles with a Premium quality: Turbatruf. Its shape as well as its characteristic aroma and flavour make it the highest quality truffle in its area. Our irrigation methods based on ponds or flexible cisterns ensure that the production has the optimum level of humidity.

With these four lines of business, it becomes one of the largest and most complete trufflegrowing companies in the world. 

Singular truffle is born to distribute and position the truffle of Sarrion and its surroundings in the world”.



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In SINGULAR TRUFFLE we work to improve and continue giving our customers the best product. That is why our objective is to create a Producer and Distributor network at an international level to export Premium quality Black Truffle, to become world leaders in truffle growing, making Sarrión known as a national and international reference in the Black Truffle market.



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Production and distribution of black truffle of the region of Sarrión with the highest quality and a round shape. You can enjoy their fresh Black Truffle during the season from November to

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It is a pioneering company in technological R&D for the production of Black Truffle. They have achieved their own substrate that guarantees the production of the truffle with a premium quality, making it the truffle of highest quality in their area.

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The town of Sarrión is located between Valencia and Teruel, and belongs to one of the most unpopulated regions in Europe with only 8,600 inhabitants. However, this town hides an extraordinary secret: Sarrión is the world capital of the Black Truffle, whose cultivation has boosted the development of a region that was condemned to the feared rural depopulation. In just a few decades this black gold has revolutionised the landscape and economy of the region formed by 24 villages spread over 2,300 square kilometres. Since December 2001, the well-known International Truffle Fair (FITRUF) has been held every year.

According to experts, the municipality of Sarrión has some of the best conditions in Europe for growing this precious fungus. The excellent environmental conditions together with the experience of the truffle growers have turned Sarrión into a reference point for the cultivation of the Black Truffle “Tuber Melanosporum”. In a short time it has been able to compete in quality with truffles from France, which until recently were considered the best in the world. Today, the Sarrion market is one of the strategic points where the price of the product is set on a European scale.